Bradford’s Inspirational Women Awards (BIWA), was founded by Fatima Patel, a fellow Bradfordian, businesswoman and editor of the UK’s first FREE Sunday newspaper. BIWA ¬†held it’s inaugural awards at the Hilton Hotel (now called Bradford Hotel) on 30th March 2012 to a packed room of celebrities, politicians and delegates from across the country.

The aim of the awards was always to use the event as a platform to celebrate and recognise achievements, but to also use the profits to then put back into female led causes or issues.

The profit from the awards went on to support women who had suffered sexual harassment in the work place, to domestic abuse and to helping women with jobs and business.

An unfortunate incident however, left BIWA founder , ill for sometime,which meant that the awards ceremonies had to be put on hold as the founder was not only the main funder for the event, but also was the main volunteer organiser of the event.

The last awards ceremony took place in 2015, however the need for support from women across the city did not stop. In fact, the needs continued to grow year on year.

BIWA was starting to tackle issues of sexual harassment, domestic abuse, helping with career prospects to employment tribunals and discrimination. All of this was done on a voluntary basis.

To sustain the support and services a board was then formed, which established the Inspirational Woman Foundation. The foundations principle role became the platform to support, empower and help influence women in business, in the workplace, at home and in our communities.

As long as inequality exists the Inspirational Women Foundation (IWF) will exist.